Our Story



Trendy Potato is not your ordinary fashion destination – it is for all those of you who seek a comfort yet chic kind of a fashion statement. The ongoing COVID pandemic crisis in the UAE has given rise to a philosophy of self-care & paying attention hence giving birth to our concept too. The idea is to offer fashionable clothing inspired by current trends for people from all walks of life seeking to cope with creative responses in this chaotic climate – come be a part of our community!   

Why the name? The lock-down in motion globally has made us all at some point feel like couch potatoes in our homes waiting for the world to resume normalcy. Despite the odds, many of us have been channelizing some creativity into our routines to keep up with our aspirations & cope with all difficult scenarios induced. Our brand name is a reminder & a celebration of that spirit in each of you!

This brand is our way of telling a story of all such folks, offering some of our signature & other trendy designs reflecting this spirit, while also contributing a small portion of our revenue towards this battle against the pandemic fought by all our healthcare front-line workers daily.